Online Backup Services

Many clients don't think to make backups.  They admit that if it doesn't happen "automatically" then it just won't happen.  For them we really encourage online backups, as the software typically will automatically detect updates and additions to the folders they've identified as needing backup.  Here we've compiled a listing of such online backup sites.  We're not saying which, if any to use, but we are saying "please make backups!".

( W = Windows support, M = Mac support, L = Linux support)

Online backup services, see (for SMB VaultLogix is #9)
BackBlaze    W + M
Carbonite    W + M
CrashPlan    W + M + L + Solaris, low prices
SpiderOak        W + M + L 32/64
iDrive        W + M + phone contacts
SugarSync    W + M
DropBox        W + M + L + iPad + iPhone + BlackBerry + Android
iBackup        W + M + L + iPhone + MS server apps
ElephantDrive        W + M (both require Java)
PennyBackup        W
Norton Online Backup    W + M + Browser
Acronis Online Backup    W
Mozy        W + M        W + M
KeepVault    W
JungleDisk    W + M + L
MyOtherDrive    W + M  multiple computers on one account
SOS Online Backup        reseller program, lots of awards, branded. Rich Steen in CA    W only?        W + LinuxServer + VirtualMachine, etc
SafeCopyBackup    W + M + Android + iPad + Smartphone
SecureBackup    W
Concentsus        W
Diino        W + M + L 32/64
Tilana        W
ADrive        W + M + L
LiveDrive    W + M
F-Secure    W + M
Backupify    an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter and more.
Seagate eVault        W only?

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