Tech Support

  • Computer Repair & Upgrades
  • Network setup and tuning
  • Over 16 years experience
  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Laptop / Desktop

 Mail Servers

  • Private Email Server
  • Open Source Software
  • User Configurable via Web Interface
  • Remote Support Available
  • ✓On Your Computer,
  • ✓or in the Cloud,
  • ✓or We Provide the Server

 TiVo Support

  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Increase recording time
  • Add a second drive
  • Clone existing drive
  • All models

Contact: We listen for the phone 24/7 and check email often, so you'll never feel alone with your computer pains.

How can we help?   Call us at 404-248-0336 and we'll get started!

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Linux Support

Here at Dare Computer, we use Linux computers for our daily work, and have enjoyed doing so since 2001.  We've also introduced several dozen users of all types to Linux.  We appreciate the freedom that it offers, including freedom to cruise the web without fear of infections.  Every 6 months, it takes a leap forward, with new features and more polish.

To learn Linux quickly, we recommend a series of high def videos you can sample at Linux For The Rest Of Us.  Buying the videos will allow you to instantly begin learning Linux from your own computer or media player.  The site offers a package of 24 videos, plus 2 bonus videos, in high quality 720p resolution.

Windows Support

We support MS Windows users, both onsite (locally) and via remote support software.  We'll help you install free software on your PC.  Then, with your explicit permission, we can connect our computer to yours and see what you see, or even operate your computer using our keyboard and mouse.  You can imagine the driving time that this technology has saved us!  That means that we can work at lower rates, and it even makes 5 or 10 minute jobs well worth doing.

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